The Packard Workshop: 1899 Model-A Dials

Packard Dial Production

It's December 6th 2023 and Christmas is only days away. Are you ready for a good holiday break with friends and family? To begin your long-awaited holiday, here's a brief story to read on the train ride home, waiting at curbside pickup for those last minute gifts, or sipping a cup of hot cocoa next to the fireplace.

The Packard workshop is client-driven with master artisans, precision equipment and rigorous testing for durability.

As our workshop was producing the 1899 Model-A timepiece collection last month, we spent a break to write some notes and reveal how we work to our growing list of clients. The 1899 Model-A dials pictured above have just finished their production run using our dial-making and marking equipment. Both the Packard script and the serial number on the back are made using a precision-guided laser machine. Every piece of equipment used to produce a component is fine-tuned and routinely maintained to ensure accurate results. Every component of a timepiece, dials in this case, is inspected and verified to meet quality standards for the next step of the production process. When a set of dials are ready for assembly, they are stored in a dust-free protective container and a temperature-controlled room. Once all components are ready, each timepiece is carefully assembled by a professional watchmaker, tested and packaged to ensure a satisfactory purchase and lifetime value.

A common question we hear from visitors and read in articles is "what if you need to make a change to a design during production?" Most timepiece manufacturers use automated robotic production machines that are closely tied together. Swiss, British and other American brands use this sophisticated production method and are unable to make a design change after a model is released to the marketplace. Our agile manufacturing permits us to make changes to a production model without failing the entire production process. For example, we recently received a couple of suggestions to increase the 1899 Model-A's readability and appeal.

Clients Drive Design Changes

A couple of clients received their timepiece and were satisfied with their purchase. They were happy with the quality and excited about our future as an American Watchmaking company. During the course of conversation, they suggested future models have a smaller hour hand and to add a magnified date window to the right-hand side of the sapphire crystal to see the date better. The suggestions were messaged back to the workshop soon after and we did some of research. These two feedbacks can be found littered across magazine and blog articles about other timepieces, both mass-produced and high-end ones.

We found they're common critiques left un-changed in subsequent models made by other timepiece makers. The 1899 Model-A design was enhanced and both clients were given the option to have their timepiece upgraded at no charge. The change in production happened in less than 30 minutes. 1899 Model-A's will have the new enhancements going forward. Clients who have received their 1899 Model-A can contact us for a free upgrade.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We will have more brief stories for you to read as you learn more about us and research your next timepiece purchase. In the meantime, we're spending our days preparing for an exciting 2024, designing our next timepiece collection, and are excited about new innovations for you to use and enjoy. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe, joyous New Year!